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jonnyfantastico81 asked:

Hey there, Danny! First off, you're awesome.. and so damn cute... and I want a hug one day. Dammit. LOL But seriously, I do have a question: I personally first noticed you in "Bully" and oddly enough, that's where my crush started. Does it ever bother you that people seem to come at you for your most known role in "Mean Girls" and not all of the other things you've done? I'm sure you appreciate any recognition from fans, but does it ever frustrate you?

Clearly Mean girls is my most popular role but I get recognised and recieve messages about all the parts I have played in various films. As an artist all you really wanna do is make an impact so it doesn’t matter to me where someone knows my work from. Although I do have a special place in my heart for some of the rare roles. PS Come see one of my live shows and i usually give out a few free hugs after, I’m a hugger. 

cordyordy asked:

First off let me say that you are a really handsome,sweet and sexy man. Your beard looks fantastic on you! Any way I was wondering what projects do you have coming on in the future?

D’awww thanks. I’m about to film a new comedy in New Orleans called MIND PUPPETS. That’s next on the boards but more to come in TV , Film and Stage this year! Thanks for all your kind words and support. 



When you’re finally over someone and they message you again.. 


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